FIV \ FelV  - neg

Leukemia - neg

PRA-b - N|N

PK-def - N|N



(PCR 3x year)

Tritrichomonas - neg

Giardia - neg

Coccidia - neg 

We are all impacted by the current situation. We understands your questions and want to clarified some important points.

First of all, we will continue our activities and few mating will take place in 2021. 

Home visits and allergy tests are no longer allowed.

Kitten selections are now done online, live video and over the phone. No on-site visits.

Exceptionally, 50% of the balance will be required at the time of selection.

Appointments are made outside and/or on delivery day. 

We are always concerned about the health of our family and yours, We believe that this new protocol is base of our government protocol on covid-19.

 The collaboration of our adoptive families is essential and we thank you for your understanding.

We are currently exploring the possibility of a delivery system in the event that public travel becomes more difficult. More details will be posted as we go.