We are absolutely dedicated to raising our Chinese Crested in our home, underfoot, feeding them the best diet available and affording them plenty of fresh air and sunshine in a calm but stimulating environment. As a result of their pristine environment, outstanding nutritional care, excellent veterinary care, and our constant research for the best pedigrees, representing the healthiest Chinese Crested, we have developed a selective breeding program based on surpassed "Standard of Excellent." You will be provided with copies of all relevant documentation, including such things as completed sales agreements, guarantees, health and vaccination records, and a set of instructions on the care, puppy basic training and diet for the puppy/dog.

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We have been experiencing trouble on and off the past couple months with our email. If you have tried mailing us and it either bounced back or you haven’t received a response… then please give us a call and leave a brief message with your number or email us.