China & Tokyo


FIV \ FelV  - neg

Leukemia - neg

PRA-b - N|N

PK-def - N|N


PCR Mai 2021 

Tritrichomonas - neg

Giardia - neg

Coccidia - neg 

Without our beautiful Queens, our successful breeding program would not exist. Our females represent the finest bloodlines in the world, and are health tested with the utmost scrutiny, using the latest technology. All of our females are in excellent health, have the most beautiful temperament and are the most important aspect of our breeding program. Last but not least, they are wonderful Bengal cats, extraordinary "Moms" and my best friends !!!!

Ashtagbengal Tokyo's Harlequin Romance

" Tokyo "

" Cloud Leopard "

Brown spotted tabby

Deloittebengal Thanos of Ashtagbengal

Elysor Olymp of Deloittebengal


Elysor Sonic Boom

Mysterybengals Mara of Elysor

Deloittebengal Lafayette


Ultra Nice Boy A-Murr'FI

Deloittebengal Triumph.s Gorgeous Fion'FI

Ashtagbengal Dawnetta

Ashtagbengal Darius The Great


Mooglybengal Silverking of Daverk


Kanpurr Reese


Labelbengal Ashtagbengal Sorell


Amedyjoty Maestro
Bakara Twinkle Star